Photoneo New PhoXi 3D Scanner

The new Phoxi 3D Scanner is here! More durable than ever and able to withstand tough industrial environments. The upgraded design and firmware provide easier integration, better performance, and higher flexibility.

Equip your robot with 3D vision by Photoneo and get superior robotic performance. Meet the ultimate companion for your vision-guided robotics projects.

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PhoXi 3D Scanner by Photoneo is your go-to scanner when looking for high-resolution and high-accuracy scanning of static scenes. Its structured light projection approach provides output in the form of precise point clouds for fast localization of any desired part. The robustness of the scanner ensures superior quality of scans, which makes it the best scanner for even the harshest environments.

PhoXi 3D Scanner was awarded by the Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards Program for its unbeatable performance and best-in-class resolution/speed ratio. Each scanner from the PhoXi family (models XS-XL) is suitable for different applications, depending on the size of the scanned object, scanning volume, and other aspects. Equip your robot with a powerful 3D vision and allow it to see.

Industrial 3D scanner for the most demanding machine vision tasks

Robust scanning performance
Lightweight carbon body
Resistant to temperature changes
Largest scanning volume
PoE & 24 V powering options
Accuracy of 25 - 500 um
Easy integration Plug & Play setup
IP65 Dust & water proof

New eco-friendlier package – protecting our planet

We introduce new packaging! While reliably protecting our PhoXi 3D Scanners during transportation, it connects with Photoneo mission to be considerate of our environment.


2x faster GPU

PhoXi 3D Scanner now utilizes the power of the new NVIDIA Jetson TX2 4GB processing unit. The computation time was sped up by 60%, thus saving 200 ms of the overall scanning time.