SmartRay ECCO 95.010+ (Laser Class 3R)

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As the premium sensor series, the ECCO 95+ sensors combine high resolution and measurement speed. This is made possible by the new sensor platform with innovative electronic design along with blue laser technology and a tailor-made optics.

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  • Superior 3D image quality  – best repeatability under challenging conditions
  • Reduced power consumption – Lower operating termperature for better metrology performance
  • Industrial compact housing – Better stability and flexibility for machine and robot integration

Product Specification

Part #3.004.202 (Laser Class 3R)
Typical field of view
(near | mid | far) 1
10.5 | 11 | 11.5 mm
Measurement range 15 mm
Typical vertical resolution (Z) 10.37 – 0.45 µm
Typical lateral resolution (Y) 15.8 µm – 6.8 µm
Stand-off distance25 mm
Laser wavelength450 nm
Laser class (standard)2 | 3R
WeightApprox. 550 g
Typical scan rate 3Approx. from 1 kHz up to 10 kHz (with full FOV)
Typical 3D point rate 3Approx. from 0.7 up to 15 million points/sec
InterfaceGigabit Ethernet ( 1 Gbit/ sec)
Inputs2 x Inputs, 5 – 24 VDC
Quadrature Encoder (AB-Channel, RS-422 Standard)
Outputs2 x Outputs, 24 VDC (max. 20 mA)
TriggerThe following triggers are supported:
START Trigger support on Input 1 – 2
DATA Trigger support on Quadrature Encoder Input (Max. DATA trigger rate: 1 MHz)
DATA Trigger support on Input 2 (Max. DATA trigger rate: 10 kHz)
Input voltage | Power24 VDC, ± 15 % | 7.5 W
Maximum ambient light10,000 lx
EMC testas per EN 61 000-6-2, EN 61 000-6-4, EN 61326-1:2013-07
Electrical safetyas per EN 61 010-1-3
Protection classIII, as per EN 61 040-3
Enclosure ratingIP65
Air humidityMaximum 90%, non-condensing
Temperature (operation | storage)0 – 40° C | -20 – 70° C
Compatible accessoriesPower-I/O-Encoder cable: 6.320.0XX
Ethernet cable: 6.303.0XX

(1) Typical values can vary up to 5% due to optical tolerances
(2) Z-Linearity calculated as a variation of “bias” (reference value vs. measured value) over the measurement range
(3) Scan rate & point rate are dependent on the configured field of view, measurement range and exposure time. A ‘scan’ by definition considers maximum points/3D profile i.e. full FOV. The typical scan/point rate range has
been estimated considering an exposure time of 1 µsec, min-max MR and full FOV. The typical scan rate can be further boosted by windowing the FOV
(4) Experimentally assessed by scanning a fixed measurement target 4100 times successively within short time interval. No post-processing filters applied
(5) Measurements performed on a SmartRay standard artifact which is an aluminium flat matt surface painted matte white


SmartRay ECCO 95.010+ Datasheet

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