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The SOD-CLK+ Lens Kit with full set of MP2 lenses, rear converter and extension ring sets in an elegant black box with pre-cut foam is perfect for your vision laboratory setup.


Highlights at a glance:

EBB-01Elegant black box with pre-cut foam1
H0514-MP25mm, 1/2″ Lens1
M0814-MP28mm, 2/3″ Lens1
M1214-MP212mm, 2/3″ Lens1
M1214-MP212mm, 2/3″ Lens1
M1614-MP216mm, 2/3″ Lens1
M2514-MP225mm, 2/3″ Lens1
M3514-MP35mm, 2/3″ Lens1
M5018-MP250mm, 2/3″ Lens1
M7528-MP75mm, 2/3″ Lens1
EX2C2.0X rear converter1
VM1006 pieces extension ring set (0.5, 1, 5, 10, 20, 40mm)1

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