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SODA SOD-HG-83-13×15-2.5-LD-3.0


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The patterns are manufactured from Select Soda Lime Glass. They are ideally suited for building up and calibration of Optical and other Two Dimensional X-Y Stages and Measurement Systems.

With a feature-to-feature accuracy of 1 micron, these patterns allow for extremely accurate testing and qualification of inspection systems. Please choose the dot size and spacing that suits your application best.

Grid arrays are used to determine the distortion of an imaging system. Ideally, the horizontal and vertical rows of dots should be perpendicular to each other. A distorted image will show the array as bowed; this image can then be used to correct for distortion.

A special protection box is also provided to protect the targets during storage.

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Customized Target based on Chrome on soda lime glass (float glass)

  • Pattern size: 83mm x 62mm; Dot array: 13 x 15; Dot diameter: 2.5mm; Light on dark
  • Position of 5 groups of the characteristic dots: [6,2,2,10,10][7,2,12,2,12]
  • Compatible with the Halcon Edition12 calibration

Manufacturing Process

  • Direct write lithography technology to make chrome pattern on chrome mask layer above soda lime glass (float glass) substrate to ensure within +/-1um overall accuracy.
  • Minimum feature size: Down to 0.75 μm
  • Address grid: Down to 12.5 nm
  • Exchangeable write modes
  • Real-time autofocus system
  • High power DPSS laser with 355 nm wavelength
  • Camera system for metrology and alignment
  • Closed-loop climate chamber
  • Edge detector system



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