SODA SOD-WMD-030-0.1-G

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Grid arrays are used to determine the distortion of an imaging system. Ideally, the horizontal and vertical rows of dots should be perpendicular to each other. A distorted image will show the array as bowed; this image can then be used to correct for distortion.

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Customized Target based on Chrome on soda lime glass (float glass)

  • Dimensions: 30mm x 30mm; Dot array: 101 x 101; Dot diameter: 0.1mm; Chrome on glass
  • Compatible with Labview calibration, and implement your own calibration algorithm

Manufacturing Process

  • Direct write lithography technology to make chrome pattern on chrome mask layer above soda lime glass (float glass) substrate to ensure within +/-1um overall accuracy.
  • Minimum feature size: Down to 0.75 μm
  • Address grid: Down to 12.5 nm
  • Exchangeable write modes
  • Real-time autofocus system
  • High power DPSS laser with 355 nm wavelength
  • Camera system for metrology and alignment
  • Closed-loop climate chamber
  • Edge detector system



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