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Sony IMX264 Mono


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Pregius and Pregius S are Sony’s technological trademarks for a group of CMOS sensor global shutters and their peripheral technologies.

CMOS image sensors with Pregius and Pregius S technology are ideal for imaging inspections in machine vision and the smart industry that require the processing of a large volume of image data at high speed, as they make it possible to capture high-quality, undistorted images at high speeds.

These products also expand the scope of their applications from factory automation to other industrial imaging and sensing contexts, such as traffic monitoring and infrastructure inspection.

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Provides undistorted images of moving objects

Global shutters function enables the capturing of fast-moving objects without distortion. Texts are legible in images

Faster signal processing with lower noise

Our proprietary column A/D conversion circuit realizes both faster signal processing and lower noise. Enhancing the high-precision image inspection, it helps to improve on-site productivity in manufacturing

A wide variety of pixel sizes available

Enhanced efficiency through higher precision and shorter time is a prerequisite for realizing advanced automation, such as by replacing naked-eye visual inspection, in manufacturing and logistics. Machine vision cameras are a primary device that perform the task, and they require high-spec image sensors with improved resolution and frame rates. Launched in 2014, Pregius technology image sensors have been significantly improving productivity by offering both high speed and high precision in their performance.

Boosting the number of pixels in an image sensor to meet the demand for even higher resolution would increase the chip size, which was a problem as it would make the camera larger. Conversely, reducing the pixel size to maintain the camera size would compromise the sensitivity and signal saturation levels due to the restrained light collection area per pixel. This would inevitably lead to deterioration of image quality, and in turn to inferior recognition/detection performance.

As a solution to these issues, the PregiusS stacked CMOS image sensor with an innovative new structure was launched in 2019 and succeeded in simultaneously realizing both higher definition and a more compact size. This extensive lineup of products will contribute to rapid advances in the machine vision industry.

Product Specification

Device Structure

Image SizeDiagonal 11.1 mm (Type 2/3) Progressive scan mode
Diagonal 7.7 mm (Type 1/2.35) Full-HD mode
Number of effective pixels 2464 (H) x 2056 (V)  approx. 5.07M pixels
Unit cell size 3.45 µm (H) x 3.45 µm (V)
Optical blacks
Front: 0 pixels, rear: 0 pixels
Optical blacks
Front: 10 pixels, rear: 0 pixels
Input drive frequency37.125 MHz / 54.0 MHz / 74.25 MHz
Package 226-pin LGA
Supply voltage VDD (Typ.)3.3 V / 1.8 V / 1.2 V
sensitivity (Monochrome)
915 mV
Saturation signal
1001 mV


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