Tattile TAG-7 SWIR Line Scan Camera


TAG-7 SWIR is a family of short wave infrared linescan cameras for advanced Machine Vision application in the field of the non-visible spectrum. With this special feature, the camera is suitable for sorting application, recycling industry, semiconductor industry.

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The TAG-7 SWIR cameras feature a with 1K InGaAs sensor with the spectral band from¬†950 nm to 1700 nm¬†with a square pixel size of 12.5 x 12.5 ¬Ķm.

They are available with both GigE Vision (coming soon) and CameraLink interfaces, with a maximum speed of 40KHz. The TAG-7 SWIR cameras have an internal FPGA that can be customized so to tailor specific requirements.

TAG-7 SWIR cameras have the same compact size (only 62x62x52 mm) and a rugged and stable enclosure with C-mount lens support.


The TAG-7 SWIR is the new-generation line scan camera platform with InGaAs sensor for special Industrial application in non-visible spectrum field. It’s available with resolution of 1K with GigE or CameraLink interface. TAG-7 SWIR runs with a frame rate up to 40 KHz.

  • FPGA: The TAG-7 SWIR cameras have an internal FPGA that can be customized so to tailor specific requirements.
  • Compact size: Its compact form allows easily integration into any machine¬†and production line, especially for multi-camera systems.
  • GigE Vision¬†(coming soon): Thanks to GigE Vision Interface, the camera can be¬†easily integrate into a vision system, without using a¬†frame grabber.
  • CameraLink: TAG-7 SWIR CameraLink versions support configurations Base configuration with a Line Rate up to 40 KHz.


  • Linear InGaAs¬†sensors 1K resolutions
  • High Speed: up to¬†40 KHz line rate
  • GigE Vision (coming soon) and¬†CameraLink protocols
  • Internal FPGA for¬†image pre-processing
  • Compact size of 62x62x52 mm


  • Fresh and Dry/Seeds sorting
  • Agricultural quality inspection
  • Recycling industry
  • Semiconductor
  • Moisture Detection
  • Inspection fill level of nontransparent containers

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