Optart Telecentric Lens TCL0200-F

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  • Designed for megapixel cameras up to 1.1″ (diagonal 17mm) or F-mount at 1.2” (diagonal 21.3mm)
  • Bilateral Telecentric technology ensures maximum accuracy and error-free performance
  • Variable iris for adjusting depth of field
  • Ultra low distortion makes it ideal for high precision measurements and inspections
  • All coaxial types can be remodeled with polarizing filter build-in as an option
  • Bend optical path by 90° is available as option; perfect solution for setups under space restriction
  • Coaxial episcopic illumination integrated and standard straight models available
  • Optional prism mirror unit attachment, rear converter lens and filters can be integrated with ease

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Model NumberTCL0200-F (Co-axial)
Opt. Mag. (X)0.2
W.D. (mm)167
O/I (mm)481.75
Depth of Field Permissible Circle of Confusion (mm)16.00
Optart Formula (mm)7.12
Optical Resolving Power (μm)26.8
Effective F No.8 ~40
N.A.0.0125 ~0.0025
Distortion Optical (%) 0.03
TV (%) 0.01
Suitable Sensor Size (inch)2/3

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