Optart Telecentric Lens TCL0500-M

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Designed for megapixel cameras up to 1.1″ (diagonal 17mm) or F-mount at 1.2” (diagonal 21.3mm). Bilateral Telecentric technology ensures maximum accuracy and error-free performance. Variable iris for adjusting depth of field. Ultra low distortion makes it ideal for high precision measurements and inspections. All coaxial types can be remodeled with polarizing filter build-in as an option. Bend optical path by 90° is available as option; perfect solution for setups under space restriction. Coaxial episcopic illumination integrated and standard straight models available. Optional prism mirror unit attachment, rear converter lens and filters can be integrated with ease.

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Model NumberTCL0500-M (Straight)
Opt. Mag. (X)0.5
W.D. (mm)60.7
O/I (mm)243.65
Depth of Field Permissible Circle of Confusion (mm) 2.56
Optart Formula (mm) 1.14
Optical Resolving Power (μm)10.7
Effective F No.8~40
N.A.0.0313 ~0.0063
Distortion Optical (%) -0.02
TV (%) -0.01
Suitable Sensor Size (inch)2/3
Max. Diameter (mm)44

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