TMS CASC-00-015-X-R-24V


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CASC SERIES – Uniform Coaxial Illumination

CASC series provides coaxial illumination mostly for high magnification telecentric lenses. The light projected from the light source is reflected by a prism cube beam splitter to provide light parallel with the camera.

Applications: Surface Inspection and Alignment, Wafer and Metal Surface Inspection, Film, LCD and Glass, Pattern on PCB Inspection

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Casing MaterialAluminium
Storage Temperature RangeΒ Β Temp 0-45Β°C, Humidity 20-85%
Voltage (V)/ Watt (W)24V / 1.68W
Weight100 g
Length / Outer Length24 mm
Width / Inner Diameter30 mm
Thickness / Height49.1 mm


TMS CASC-00-015-X-R-24V Datasheet

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