TMS IDQ3-00-190-1-W-24V


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IDQ3 SERIES – Indirect Square Illumination

IDQ3 Series provides indirect illumination from an inner square surface providing uniform illumination for a work piece from all angles which is suitable for the inspection of square or rectangular objects that may have reflective surfaces.

Applications: Cracks, Chips, Stains and Marks on Square or Rectangular Objects

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Casing MaterialAluminium
Storage Temperature RangeΒ Β Temp 0-45Β°C, Humidity 20-85%
Voltage (V)/ Watt (W)24V / 23.04W
Weight1980 g
Length / Outer Diameter300.2 mm
Width / Inner Diameter278 mm
Hole Diameter35.0 mm
Thickness / Height156 mm


TMS IDQ3-00-190-1-W-24V Datasheet

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