TMS IDS5-00-150-1-W-24V

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IDS5 SERIES – Indirect Dome Illumination

IDS5 series provides indirect illumination from an inner conical surface,which allow a work piece to be illuminated from all angles, resulting in excellent illumination of the inspection object without creating any unwanted glare,hotspots or shadows. This illumination is suitable for applications that involve inspection of reflective surfaces which contents are required to be highlighted and inspected.

Applications: Cracks, Chips, Stains & Marks on Circular or Cylindrical Objects Inspection, Solder and Substrate Inspection

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Casing MaterialAluminium
Storage Temperature RangeΒ Β Temp 0-45Β°C, Humidity 20-85%
Voltage (V)/ Watt (W)24V / 22.32W
Length / Outer Diameter185 mm
Width / Inner Diameter138 mm
Hole Diameter40 mm
Thickness / Height89.8 mm


TMS IDS5-00-150-1-W-24V Datasheet

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