TMS LSQ-45-050-1-B-24V


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LSQ SERIES – 45° – High Intensity, Concentrated Ring Illumination

LSQ Series is with 45° square casing with LED arrays are arranged densely in ring shape for light arrays to be concentrated to a spot for extreme bright light. By using a flexible PCB board, the product quality and efficiency could be improved as flexible boards are able to achieve optimized angle with variations of outer and inner diameter to target a work piece.

Applications: Substrate Inspection, Label Inspection, Flat Surface, Fiducial Recognition

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Casing MaterialAluminium
Storage Temperature Range  Temp 0-45°C, Humidity 20-85%
Voltage (V)/ Watt (W)24V / 1.44W
Weight60 g
Length / Outer Diameter52.5 mm
Width / Inner Diameter28 mm
Thickness / Height8 mm


TMS LSQ-45-050-1-B-24V Datasheet

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