Tokina CCTV 1″ Lens

Tokina is committed to promoting comprehensive social contributions through it optical technology. Dedicated to the creation of innovative products, continuous technical innovations and performance, Tokina continues its efforts in achieving environmentally conscious corporate management.

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Model Name Focal Length Aperture Range Back Focal Length Weight
TC1216-21MP 12mm F1.6 – 22 13.54mm 185 g READ MORE
TC1616-21MP 16mm F1.6 – 22 12.17mm 201 g READ MORE
TC2016-21MP 20mm F1.6 – 22 12.19mm 163 g READ MORE
TC2516-21MP 25mm F1.6 – 22 12.6mm 157 g READ MORE
TC3514-21MP 35mm F1.4 – 22 12.83mm 154 g READ MORE