Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (VBAI)

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  • Acquire and process images from GigE Vision, USB 3 Vision, IEEE 1394, and DirectShow cameras
  • Design complex pass/fail decisions based on inspection results
  • Send inspection results and triggers directly over digital I/O, serial, and Ethernet protocols
  • Use the default deployment interface or customize your own

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Vision Builder AI gives you an easy way to configure, benchmark, and deploy a system that addresses vision applications from pattern matching to code reading and presence detection to precision alignment and classification. An interactive menu-driven development environment replaces the complexities of programming, making the development and maintenance process simple without sacrificing performance or range of functionality.

Easily Process Images With a Complete Tool Suite

Configure more than 100 powerful machine vision tools including geometric matching, optical character recognition (OCR), and particle analysis to locate, count, measure, identify, and classify objects without programming.

Use One Software Package for AII Vision Hardware

Acquire and process images from standard camera buses including USB3 Vision, GigE Vision, Camera Link and more. Deploy to rugged and reliable NI hardware including Compact Vision System, Industrial Controller, and Smart Cameras.

Integrate with Programmable Logic Controllers and Automation Devices

Set up complex pass/fail decisions and communicate inspection results over digital I/O, serial, or Ethernet protocols. Display images, measurements, and results using the built-in deployment interface or customize your own.

Benchmark Inspections and Model System Variations

Take advantage of included utilities to model system variations so you can feel confident about your system’s performance even as real-life conditions such as lightnings, motion blur, and camera position affect your visual inspection.