Web Inspection Solutions



Our Web inspection solutions is an in-line quality inspection vision system that is perfectly suitable for web, roll-to-roll, and pieces-to-pieces manufacturing process. Combine with label marker system, you can locate defects’ position precisely.

Web inspection system is widely adopted in inspection applications of different materials, for example:

  • PI (Polyimide Film) for flexible PCB;
  • Laminated aluminum film for lithium battery;
  • Copper Foil for PCB board;
  • Transparent film for carrier tap;
  • PV (Photo Voltaic ) for solar panel;
  • Light guide plate for flat panel display;
  • and many other applications.

Web inspection solutions also features the latest machine learning technology. With machine learning function, defects can be classified faster and more accurate than before. We are here to help you improve production quality and cut down human operation cost.


  • Accurate Defects Detection Using multiple filters as pre-processing tools.
  • Advance Defects Classification by combination of multi-parameters to customize own classifications
  • Up to 8 Cameras Combination for inspection of large width sheets in high accuracy format
  • Defects Report able to export in Excel or PDF format for easy reporting

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