Zebra FS70 Fixed Industrial Scanner

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The Zebra FS70 Fixed Industrial Scanner is your configurable and customizable solution. Easy keep pace with your business, enabling quality control and track-and-trace of every part and package as it moves through production, storage and fulfillment.

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Zebra FS70 Fixed Industrial Scanner
Completely Customizable to Enable the Most Challenging Track-and-Trace Apps

Get the ultimate in customisation to achieve flawless track and trace in virtually any application and any environment. Choose from four image sensors and a world of C-mount external lens and lighting options. With Zebra’s powerful and intuitive Aurora software platform, you get one unified tool to easily set up, deploy and run the FS70, as well as Zebra’s entire fixed industrial scanner and machine vision portfolio. And simply purchase licenses to add advanced capabilities to address new business needs.

Benefits of the FS70

  • Complete Control of Data Capture Capabilities

Address complex imaging requirements with options that allow you to easily achieve the right depth of field, the right reading distance and the right lighting. Choose imager type and resolution, field of view, and any external C-mount lens and lighting.

  • Superior Scanner Reliability

Get a perfect image every time with ImagePerfect+, which captures 16 different images on a single item, each with its own settings. And with PRZM Intelligent Imaging, you get fast capture of even the most challenging 1D/2D barcodes and direct part marks.

  • Transform the FS70 into a Machine Vision Smart Camera

Simply purchase a licence to add advanced machine vision capabilities—no need to purchase a new device. With machine vision, automatically determine the quality of a part or item in a split second, enabling error-proofing, reducing cycle times and increasing productivity.

Product Specification

Aurora™ SoftwareIntuitive platform that makes it easy to set up, deploy, and run the FS70
ImagePerfect+Process up 16 different images simultaneously for high read rates
License UpgradesDecoder Packages and Machine Vision Toolsets
Interface PortsSingle or Dual Ethernet, PoE, USB-C, 5-pin External Light Power & Control/GPIO, 12-pin Power/GPIO/RS-232
Image SensorMonochrome 2.3 MP rolling shutter & 5.1 MP global shutter CMOS Sensors
Configurable IODigital IO plus light control
Communications ProtocolsEthernet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, TCP/IP


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