Zebra VS40-SR20M4-3X00K

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Zebra VS40-SR20M4-3X00K MV Smart Auto Focus Camera: Standard Range, 2.3 MP, Standard MV Toolset, Ethernet with POE, White Illumination, RGB Filter – India / S. Korea.

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Zebra VS40-SR20M4-3X00K Machine Vision Smart Camera supports our Sensor, Standard, or Advanced machine vision toolsets for a host of inspection applications along with PLC-controlled track and trace decoding, with built-in and external illumination options.

  • Comprehensive machine vision features integrated in a single package
  • Flexible options to meet practically any application need
  • Superior image capture reliability
  • Add new features to meet changing business needs with a simple upgrade
  • With the powerful Zebra Aurora software platform, the VS40 is easy to set up, deploy and run

From the factory floor to the control room, manufacturers are under intense pressure to meet increasing business demands. Every day, production lines strive to achieve consistent product quality and throughput quotas. Success requires a reliable and dependable process at every stage of production — a process that increases automation, reduces defects and validates assembly and tracking information.

Now, manufacturers can address it all with the Zebra VS40 Machine Vision Smart Camera. The VS40 provides a new level of intelligence and automation that enables production lines to ensure product quality and meet production goals. Operations are leaner — only error-free components are utilised in the right product at the right time. The result? Product defects are practically eliminated. Manufacturing costs are lower. And customer satisfaction is higher.

Product Specification

ModelZebra VS40-SR20M4-3X00K
Product DescriptionVS40 MV Smart Auto Focus Camera: Standard Range, 2.3 MP, Standard MV Toolset, Ethernet with POE, Serial, USB And Industrial Protocols, White Illumination, RGB Filter – India / S. Korea
Aurora™ SoftwareIntuitive platform that makes it easy to set up, deploy, and run the VS40
Zebra Exclusive FeaturesImagePerfect+, Golden Image Compare, Feasability Setup Assistant and more
License UpgradesDecoder Packages and Machine Vision Toolsets
Interface PortsSingle or Dual Ethernet, PoE, USB-C, 5-pin External Light Power & Control/GPIO, 12-pin Power/GPIO/RS-232
Image SensorMonochrome 2.3 MP rolling shutter & 5.1 global shutter CMOS Sensors
Configurable IODigital IO plus Powerful integrated illumination or external lights
Communication ProtocolsEthernet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, TCP/IP


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