Semicon Southeast Asia 2016

SEMICON Southeast Asia is the premier event that promotes the growth of the semiconductor and microelectronics ecosystem in Southeast Asia by connecting companies, suppliers, and buyers from across the supply chain – from R&D and design to manufacturing and application development.

Highlight #1: Laser Line for 3D Inspection

Osela’s Telecentric Laser Projector (TLP) provides parallel non angular laser line illumination as opposed to conventional laser lines that project a diverging fan. The TLP has the advantage of reducing object occlusions on your image plane critical for 3D high precision structured lighting applications. In these applications, the TLP evenly illuminates the complete part under inspection in order to achieve the measurement accuracy required.

Another advantage of the TLP is that its thickness is constant over its entire length. With conventional fan out laser lines it is not possible to have both a thin line over a wide field due to depth of focus limitations. With the TLP, its parallel non angular illumination design allows for constant micron thin lines over large field of views. Configurations from 405nm to 830nm, power up to 200mW and micron thin line lengths up to 100mm available.

Highlight #2: Basler Power Pack for Microscopy with Optart Motorized Zoom Lens

Basler’s digital microscope cameras provide the highest image quality in real-time, as well as outstanding color reproduction and fidelity, and a high dynamic range. Included free in each PowerPack is the Basler Microscopy Software for camera control, image acquisition, processing, measurement, analysis and documentation.

Coupling with Optart’s AZM-10 High Power Motorized Zoom lens, enable you to set up your microscopy or monitoring station and start working immediately.

  • Wide zoom ratio: 12X (0.83x ~ 10x)
  • Maximum magnification range 41.5X ~ 500X with 50X objective lens attachment
  • Build-in coaxial lighting port for even distribution illumination on shiny surface
  • Select from 3 objective lenses: 15X, 30X and 50X

Highlight #3: 1 inch format 5MP Telecentric Lenses

When setting up your automated vision system, the lens may be one of the last components you choose. However, your image starts from the lens first. That makes lens choice one of the most impactful decisions that affect how well your vision system works for you. Don’t let the lens be the weak link in your MV system.

Computar V-Series is compatible with 5MP sensors on 1″ cameras. Designed for high resolution machine vision application, it has options for 65mm and 110mm working distance with 0.5x and 1.0x magnification options and low TV distortion correction up to the outermost corner (0.01 – 0.02s%).

Also on display is the Computar TEC-M55MPW, this 55mm Telecentric lens yields constant magnification over a range of working distances, virtually eliminating viewing angle error. This 55mm C-mount lens features an optical magnification of 0.057x – 0.5x with less than 1% distortion and has a relative illuminance of more than 80%.

Download Computar’s full catalogue here.

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