SEMICON Southeast Asia 2017

As the only microelectronics trade and technology event in the region, SEMICON Southeast Asia is at the center of the region’s vibrant and growing, the event is expanding its scope and programs to industry. bring more buyers from across the region, including programs and initiatives to attract buyers from Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Semicon Sea 2017

Highlight #1: GoE (GigE Vision Offload Engine) Frame Grabber Card

In this application, we demonstrate how PCIE-1174 intelligent PCIE quad channel frame grabber with four GigE Vision cameras successfully reduced CPU workload to minimum.

Advantages of using PCIE-1174:

  • GoE (GigE Vision Offload Engine), FPGA image reconstruction, No packet loss, No CPU workload
  • GigE Vision, GENiCAM and GENTL compliant
  • Automatic IP configuration
  • ToE (Trigger over Ethernet)

Highlight #2: Best Value for Money – Extensive Product Portfolio

In this application, we demonstrate the performance comparison between Basler Ace with IMX and PYTHON Sensors.

Basler cameras go through comprehensive mechanical, electrical and optical testing with EMVA Standard Camera Characterization for consistent quality control.

  • powerful Sony IMX sensors and latest generation PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor
  • Compact design, powerful CMOS sensors, latest global shutter technology, optimal value for money
  • VGA to 5 megapixels – speed of up to 751 fps

Highlight #3: Reliable Vision Software for Automated Inspection

In this application, we demonstrate how easy it is to integrate machine vision components together with NI’s VBAI (Vision Builder for Automated Inspection).

VBAI is a configurable machine vision software that can be used to prototype, benchmark, and deploy applications. Here are few top reasons to use VBAI:

  • Easily Process Images With a Complete Tool Suite
  • Use One Software Package for All Vision Hardware
  • Integrate With Programmable Logic Controllers and Automation Devices

Highlight #4: Deep Learning Based Machine Vision Software

In this application, we demonstrate how ViDi – Deep Learning based machine vision software, tackles otherwise impossible to program both functional and aesthetic abnormal inspection & classification.

ViDi offers the first ready-to-use Deep Learning based vision software dedicated to industrial image analysis.

ViDi Suite’s Tools :

  • ViDi blue : Feature Detection
  • ViDi red : Anomaly Detection
  • ViDi green : Image Classification

Highlight #5: Most Versatile High-Speed Troubleshooting Solution

In this application, we demonstrate how TroublePix and our machine vision components work together to record and playback high speed process for slow-motion analysis. All these are done within an easy-to-use interface even for factory operators.

Advantages of using TroublePix:

  • Live slow motion recording and playback of any high speed process
  • Portable, rugged and easy to use
  • Advance auto-triggering options for random event capture.

Highlight #6: Improve Measurement Accuracy using Telecentric Lens

In this application, we demonstrate the optical performance of Computar Telecentric lens. Telecentric lens is able to minimize geometrical and perspective distortion, highly recommended for measurement application for maximum accuracy.

  • Computar TEC V-series lens compatible with 1” 5MP camera
  • Computar TEC M-series lens compatible with 2/3” 2MP camera
  • Affordable price

Highlight #7: Improve Image Sharpness using MPW2 Lens

In this application, we demonstrate the optical performance comparison between Computar MPW2 lens and MP2 lens. Computar MPW2 lens drastically improve image sharpness and quality, all done without changing camera resolution.

Advantages of using Computar MPW2 lens:

  • Very sharp image from centre to edge
  • 5 Megapixel rated Ultra Low Distortion Lens
  • Floating design
  • Affordable price