Shave Mechanism Captured by Mikrotron High Speed Camera

13 October, 2017.

Solution and Benefits: 

High-speed imaging are often required to help engineers see, measure, and understand motions that are…


…a blur to the human eye in real time. By playing back recorded images in expanded time, engineers could measure timing errors, bounce, vibration, displacements, and many other anomalies that cause manufacturing problems.

In this real life example, we use Mikrotron MotionBLITZ Eosens mini 2 camera which have high capturing frame rate (Stepless adjustable frame rate up to more than 200,000 frames per second at reduced resolution) to capture the mechanism of shave rotation.

Unlike standard industrial camera which has limited buffer memory on-board, Mikrotron MotionBLITZ Eosens mini 2 camera uses solid-state memory as a ring buffer, the cameras can record up to 3 secs at full resolution and full speed without connecting to a PC.

By adjusting the AOI to resolution 336 x 400 and 2020 fps and the combination of three lightings (internal coaxial spot light, back light and ring light) on this application, we able to record a crystal-clear image and video for the monitoring. In addition to that, the price and performance of the system is better than other stand-alone, handheld systems in the market.

Technologies Used:

CameraMikotron MotionBLITZ Eosens mini 2
LensComputar V0828-MPY
IlluminationMulti-angled LED Light
ProcessorAdvantech MIC-7700-i7 Fanless PC
SoftwareMotionBLITZ Director 2



Resolution and Corresponding Frame Rate:

1,696 x 1,710523 fps
1,280 x 1,0241,155 fps
1,280 x 7201,640 fps
1,024 x 1,0241,410 fps
640 x 4804,460 fps
512 x 5125,010 fps
320 x 24014,770 fps
128 x 12843,540 fps