Singapore Fish Meeting 2019

17 October, 2019. We are currently actively participating in the Medical & Life Sciences Industry. We just came back from Singapore Fish Meeting 2019. The meeting has brought us closer to support…

…those researches who using fish models like Zebrafish and Medaka to address key scientific questions.


How does SODA VISION support in Medical & Life Sciences Industry?

Zebrafish has become increasingly important to scientific research. It has many characteristics that make it a valuable model for studying human genetics and disease. Zebrafish behavior in nature attracts much attention of scientists from medical and life science fields.

In fact, Zebrafish have a similar genetic structure to humans. They share 70% of genes with us. They have the unique ability to repair heart muscle. Scientists are working to find out the specific factors involved in this process to see if this will help us to develop ways of repairing the heart in humans with heart failure or who have suffered heart attacks.

SODA VISION is revolutionizing the ability to monitor the fish liveness, stress level, appetite, behaviors and movement which can provide researchers or all of us with a better understanding of how Zebrafish evolve.

Basler Cameras for Medical & Life Sciences

Long-lasting Digital Cameras with Highest Reliability and Outstanding Image Quality

Modern image processing is an essential part of medicine, medical technology, and life science. Reliable machine vision cameras contribute to more than just the manufacturing of medical products, components and equipment for medical technology. Digital image acquisition and processing also offers a wide spectrum of possibilities for documenting and standardizing image-based therapy and diagnostics.

Our highly sensitive digital cameras offer superior image quality, excellent color reproduction and color fidelity as well as a high dynamic range. They are used in lab automation, microscopy and diagnostic equipment, such as in hematology, pathology, ophthalmology, dentistry and for medical motion analysis.

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