Nozzle Filling Monitoring with Slow Motion Analysis in Pharmaceutical Industry

25 August, 2017. Increasing quality requirements and challenging environment have put great pressure…


…on every companies optimized their processes and work flow.

In this video, the customer who manufacture filling and packaging systems for pharmaceutical industry, uses our high-speed cameras in product development and quality management. Good quality image and frame-by-frame analysis helps to detect and eliminate errors, thereby eliminate costly design rework and rectification later.

MIKROTRON High speed camera is able to capture, analyze frame by frame forward or backward under extreme conditions (e.g. varying temperatures, vibrations, difficult lighting situations, spatial limitations).

Highlights at a glance: 

  • Extremely flexible in resolution and speed: up to 523 fps at 1,696 (H) x 1,710 (V) pixel resolution
  • Stepless adjustable frame rate up to more than 200,000 frames per second at reduced resolution
  • Maximum photo sensitivity: 1,200 ASA monochrome, 1,000 ASA RGB
  • 3 seconds onboard Recording Memory at full resolution and speed
  • GigE Vision® compatible
  • ImageBLITZ® Automatic Trigger (optional)
  • Crashproof up to 100 g shock, 10 g vibration
  • Pixel based Fixed Pattern Noise Correction
  • Burst Trigger Mode
  • Multi Sequence Mode