SODA Technology Day 2016

SODA TECHDAY 2016 in Singapore and Malaysia has been a huge success. We are pleased to share our knowledge and interacting with more than 200 attendees on these seminars. This seminar was about presenting the latest products and technology updates.

Highlight #1: Opening Speech by SODA VISION

Mr Eng Chin Jack, Business Development Manager, SODA VISION

Jack began his presentation by giving a short introduction on how machine vision technologies has evolved for the past 30 years. He noted that one area of automation that is facing strong demand is to increase productivity by realizing smart factories and smart manufacturing.

The fourth industrial revolution‚ÄĒIndustry 4.0, defines the technological confluence of smart factories, smart machines and products to the Internet of Things to boost explicit information and communication connecting between one another.

We think 3 imaging technologies will be the key enablers for Industry 4.0 to be realized,

  • Embedded Vision
  • Deep Learning
  • 3D Vision

Highlight #2: Embedded Vision & ToF by Basler

Mr Jithin Sebastian, Application Engineer, Basler  

During the presentation, we also performed a live demo from by running face detection with OpenCV on Raspberry Pi with image acquired from a Basler dart camera.

Jithin continued his topic by introducing the series production of Basler РBaler ToF camera. He explained how to choose the right method and differentiate the features of ToF and other 3D technologies. In addition to that, he also shared some target markets and success story by using Basler ToF Camera:

  • Medical
  • Logistics Automation
  • Factory
  • Autonomous Guided Vehicles

Highlight #3: Artificial Intelligent by ViDi System

Mr Shen Shan Lan, Technical Sales and Designer, Wecho Systems  

The most important topic of SODA Day 2016 was undoubtedly the Deep Learning based vision software. Shanlan presented some basic concepts about Neural Networks, and how it can provide the best solutions to many problems in image processing and recognition.

ViDi greatly expands the range of potential inspection and classification applications in the market with minimal programming effort required by the user,

  • Unsupervised and Supervised anomaly detection
  • Feature tracking and counting
  • Classification and sorting

Highlight #4: Industrial PC by Advantech

Mr Allen Liu, Key Account Manager, Advantech (Singapore)
Mr Ivan Kong, Area Sales Manager, Advantech (Penang)

To realize Industry 4.0, Advantech introduced new MIC-7500 platform that is powerful, and yet compact to suit various¬†operating environments of industrial production.¬†Powered by a 6th generation Intel¬ģ Core‚ĄĘ i processor, the MIC-7500 platform delivers the high-performance computing necessary for machine vision applications. On top of that, being modular design, means it can be configurable¬†with additional 2 or 4 PCI/PCIe slots depending on system requirements.

During the presentation, we also shared some application examples using MIC-7500,

  • Compact 3D Robot Vision Solution
  • 16x USB camera lens test equipment
  • GPU processing with Nvidia GTX1060 Graphic card

Highlight #5: Technology Update for Vision by SODA VISION

Mr Bobby Leong, Technical Sales Manager, SODA VISION (Singapore)
Mr Eng Chin Jack, Business Development Manager, SODA VISION (Penang) 

Lastly, Bobby gave a glimpse of how Embedded Vision, Deep Learning and 3D cameras technologies can help to open up new possibilities for innovation, intelligence and automation.

  • Self-learning vision system based on artificial intelligent technology
  • 3D camera systems which brings new possibility for lot size =1
  • Miniaturization of vision systems

Give yourselves a challenge by identifying specific applications that require frequent and manual updates, rapid scaling, data extracts, and/or a high degree of customization.

Live Demo #1

Live Demo #2

Live Demo #3


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