Soda Vision Partners with SmartRay GmbH

Soda SmartRay

Soda Vision Partners with SmartRay GmbH

Soda Vision is proud to announce that we are partnering with SmartRay GmbH to provide innovative 3D solutions using laser triangulation technology. Bridging the gap across the globe, now in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand, we are bringing the solution closer to you!

About SmartRay GmbH

SmartRay specialises in 3D sensors for inspection, guidance and measurement that help manufacturing companies improve product quality, guide automation and reduce production costs. By focusing on 3D, SmartRay has built a comprehensive portfolio of 3D sensors that combine laser traingulation with innovative image formation technology to create detailed 3D images.

SmartRay Official Website:

About Soda Vision

Soda Vision is a technology company run by a team of young and energetic executives with strong expertise in Imaging Technologies, Machine & Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT solutions.

Our mission is to help industry leaders implement vision+ technologies seamlessly into their business operations.