Sports & Movement Slow Motion recording for new discoveries in Science and Research

Leading scientists and renowned coaches use MIKROTRON high-speed cameras to analyze the complexity of human movements, especially in athletics. By analyzing physical movements the flow sequences in all kinds of sports can be optimized and the performance of the athletes enhanced. As well, the findings gained from movement and walk analyses are prerequisites for the sports industry in order to develop new products such as runners, sports equipment or high-tech sports clothing.

Applying high-speed cameras in the field of sports and movement also provides insights for medical science which may be decisive for biomechanical basic research, e.g. for the realization of advanced prostheses or orthopedic aids.

MIKROTRON high-speed cameras are ideally suited to conduct motion analyses in the area of sports and movement. Even under extremely difficult experiment setups, they reliably capture significant pictures. Owing to their excellent image quality, high speed and photo sensitivity all requirements are met.

Analyses of motion processes, for the most part, suffer no interruptions or delays. Capturing continuous processes or long motion sequences also requires long recording times. The MIKROTRON long time recording systems directly transfers the captured images to a ring store hard disk system in real-time. That way, interruptions are omitted that usually occur due to the time-consuming read out of data from the camera.

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