SWIR LED Illumination & Imaging: Making the Invisible, Visible

5 September, 2018.

Metaphase Technologies Inc., Manufactures First High-Power SWIR Illuminators

With restrictions for InGaAs technology…

SWIR LED Illumination & Imaging: Making the Invisible, Visible

…being lifted, Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) technology is rapidly becoming one of the hottest new technologies in machine vision. It’s ability to solve extremely difficult applications using conventional machine vision methods has it becoming an invaluable tool for the machine vision community. Just as important in traditional, UV-Visible machine vision lighting, SWIR illumination requires the correct lighting technique to provide a clear, high-contrast image for inspection. In this presentation we will discuss the technology behind the LEDs and optics that make SWIR LED light sources possible. We also show how SWIR technology can be applied and used in every industry of machine vision with plenty of application examples solved with SWIR technology.


Metaphase has developed a wide range of SWIR Illumination for various SWIR applications that include, but not limited to: area scan, line scan, and Microscopy coxial lens/lighting systems (Meta- phase model LE110 light engine). Like all imaging applications, selecting the proper SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) illumination is critical to the success of the inspection application. When designing an automated, SWIR-based inspection system, the illuminator selected must adhere to the same principles as visible light inspection systems. The light source selected must provide high uniformity, no specular reflection, sufficient intensity and the coverage area required yet provide the necessary contrast with the feature of interest. Like visible light inspection, the best SWIR illuminator for a particular application could be a singular or combination of lights, including: backlights, low-angled darkfield lights, on-axis front lights, diffuse multi-angled lights (dome light). Successful SWIR based inspection is also heavily dependent upon selecting the optimal wavelength(s). Metaphase offers SWIR illuminators configured with single or multiple of SWIR wavelengthS all in one illuminator with individual wavelength control……