24 June, 2019. SWIR Vision Systems to receive the Innovation Award for Sensor and Camera technology, from the Laser World of Photonics, at its annual meeting on Monday.

SWIR Vision Systems CQD Sensor and Camera Technology wins Innovation Award


George Wildeman, Chief Executive Officer accepts the award for the company and its technology team, which have developed the disruptive sensor technology over the course of a decade of R&D work. CQD sensors have the potential to achieve for the SWIR-band, what CMOS sensors and bolometers have achieved for visible and long wave IR imaging. Namely, to leverage the scale and cost structure of the Si IC industry, moving SWIR from a niche into broad commercial markets.”

Several applications that will benefit from the Acuros SWIR HD imaging include: 3D depth sensors, automotive sensors, defect inspection of silicon wafers, semiconductor die, solar cells, liquid fill-levels imaging, food inspection, detection of moisture on surfaces, hyper spectral imaging, surveillance, and imaging through obscured environments.



Recognition for Novel, Disruptive IR Sensor Technology

“We are honored to be the first recipient of the Innovation Award for novel camera technologies” by Wildeman.


Silicon Wafer Imaging with Acuros Camera

SWIR work with several silicon inspection companies, exploring the value that Full HD brings to defect inspection, wafer alignment, void detection, and other silicon wafer and semiconductor chip inspection challenges. Shown here is imaging of bond seal rings and alignment marks used wafer level vacuum packaging. Metal seal rings used for alignment and bonding do not transmit SWIR light and therefore image as black. Grains in image due to unpolished silicon backside. White sports are particles on the wafer surface. Frontlight with halogen and imaged with 1280×1024 Acuros SWIR. Camera.


Laser World of Photonics, Munich

SWIR Vision Systems is exhibiting the commercially ready, Acuros SWIR Full HD Camera at the Laser World of Photonics in Munich Germany June 24-27. The 1920 x 1080 pixel array camera includes 15 micron pixel pitch, excellent noise performance, global shutter, high frame rates and either USB3 Vision or GigE Vision interfaces. Contact SWIR Vision at www.swirvisionsystems.com to speak to one of the Applications Engineers about our Acuros cameras.