Synchronous in 3D: Multi-Camera Channel Feature in Blaze ToF Camera

basler-3d-camera freight measurement
Basler Blaze 101 3D camera

A warehouse in which several AGVs equipped with blaze time-of-flight (ToF) cameras move in a confined spatial environment – a typical application in everyday logistics. In this scenario, the reliable and smooth operation of the cameras in multi-camera systems is crucial.

The Basler blaze 3D camera has two ways of ensuring that the light pulses from the time-of-flight cameras do not interfere with each other: by using the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) several GigE cameras in a network can be time-synchronized.

In addition, the Multi-Camera Channel feature offers seven different channels with slightly different frequencies for the simultaneous operation of up to seven cameras. The advantage of this feature is that multi-camera systems can also be set up for moving objects and scenes, even if the cameras are located in different networks.

Everything you need to know about the camera and its specifications can be found on the blaze product page.