The revolution is in Motion – Meet the ultimate 3D camera

The highest-resolution and highest-accuracy area scan 3D camera that can “see” in motion is here 

Machine vision limited to static scenes has greatly benefited a multitude of industrial applications. Yet no 3D vision system has so far been able to capture dynamic scenes without a trade-off between quality and speed. Now you can capture dynamic scenes accurately and fast with the novel patented Parallel Structured Light technology harnessed by the MotionCam-3D and shift the paradigm forever.

Never compromise between the quality and speed of a 3D reconstruction

  • Area scanning of objects moving 144 km/h

MotionCam-3D is the highest-resolution and highest-accuracy area scan 3D camera that can capture fast moving objects. This is possible thanks to the Parallel Structured Light technology, which “paralyzes” the scene to acquire multiple images of structured light in one frame.

  • A device that can effectively withstand vibrations 

Thanks to the unique technology, MotionCam-3D is able to withstand shocks and vibrations. This means that dynamic scenes or movements of the camera do not cause any distortion of the final output or broken acquisition.

  • No need for your PC to run computations

MotionCam-3D provides 15 million 3D points per second thanks to the powerful graphics processing unit, which enables running the computations directly on the device. This saves PC resources and leaves space for more user applications.

  • Unrivaled scanning range 

The scanning volumes of MotionCam-3D range from 36 cm up to 3 m. This means that the camera can be used for scanning items of the size of a cup of tea as well as for objects as large as a EUR-pallet.