Virtual Demo of New SWIR/NIR Camera with the Highest Resolution

7 April, 2020. We introduce our Acuros CQD SWIR cameras for cooled, high resolution & low noise operation.

High Definition. CQD™. SWIR Vision.

Last year, our partner SWIR Vision introduced an exciting new family of SWIR/NIR camera products, including the AcurosTM CQDTM 1920 SWIR camera – the highest resolution and lowest cost per megapixel SWIR cameras commercially available.

With our exhibitions canceled and our travel restricted, SWIR Vision Systems and SODA VISION are adopting new ways to stay connected with our customers. Our sales and technical support teams are well-prepared to communicate on technical specifications of our cameras, discuss their fitness for your applications, and even demonstrate our cameras remotely with you online.

Let’s connect and discuss your application for SWIR!