Visible, IR, UV, Multispectral and What’s Next?

22 February, 2018. It’s SWIR LED Illumination! Metaphase continues to lead the machine vision LED illumination market with innovative products…

…that utilize the latest in LED technology. SWIR, typically defined to be wavelengths included in the 900nm to 2500nm range, is another tool that can be used to find defects in objects where typical UV, Visible and IR illumination do not provide the necessary contrast. Like visible light, different materials will absorb and reflect SWIR. Applications include inspection of fruit (bruising), solar cell & semiconductor wafer inspection, anti-counterfeiting, leak detection, presence of coatings, fill level, moisture presence, etc.

The SWIR Line Light is the latest design in the Metaphase family of LED lights for line scan. It’s narrow, structured beam delivers high intensity and concentrated light for the narrow field of view of a traditional line scan camera. The high intensity and uniformity allows the SWIR Line Light to be used as front light to inspect for material defects, angled to obtain an off-axis effect to highlight surface defects, or it may be placed beneath the object for a backlight effect to inspect for holes, voids, or contaminants.

Silicon Wafer Inspection
Fill Level
Liquid Identification
Glass Inspection
Fruit Bruising
Machine Vision and Automation
Robotic Inspection
WAVELENGTH (nanometers)
WWhite 6000K
Cable (Standard)10ft. (3m) with flying leads
HousingBlack Anodized Aluminium
IP RatingIP65 sealed, IP50 unsealed
Operating Temperature-30°C to 60°C
Lifetime Expectancy50,000 hours