Vision Education Program for Talents in RACE Robotics


We conducted the Vision Education Program for working-class talents in the Robotics Automation Centre of Excellence (RACE). The program is prepared and customized by SODA VISION for engineers in this industry, which includes theory and practical hands-on. SODA VISION aims to provide professional and in-depth Machine Vision Education Program, which leaded by our Certified Vision Professionals.

Group Photo with Mr. Amir Zakaria (Robotics Trainer in RACE Robotics)

We would also like to thank RACE Robotics for inviting us in the direction of offering talents an opportunity to future-proof themselves with hands-on mentorship in machine vision. It’s a good start with RACE Robotics after Phase 2 of Singapore’s reopening. By learning, you will teach; By teaching, you will learn.


You are always welcome to contact us for more details on the Vision Education Program.

Here’s an overview of our topics for the one day program.