Our structured education program for both beginner and advance audience

Often Struggle With Machine Vision Applications?

Here’s what we do to help our valued customers – On the 25 September 2019, SODA VISION launched the “VISION EDUCATION PROGRAM” with the aim to provide professional and in-depth Machine Vision Education Program, which leaded by our Certified Vision Professionals. The program is prepared and customized for engineers in this industry, which includes theory and practical hands on. Here’s an overview of our topics for the one day program:

The Fundamentals of Machine Vision

  • Components of Machine Vision
  • Applications

The Fundamentals of Camera

  • Resolution, frame rate, sensor size-CCD, CMOS-Rolling Shutter, Global Shutter, Global Shutter Reset
  • Area Scan, Line Scan
  • Interfaces
  • Camera Bandwidth
  • Case study

The Fundamentals of Optics and Lens

  • Field of View, Focal Length, Working Distance, Depth of Field, Aperture, Magnification
  • Types of lens
  • Basler Lens Selector
  • Computar Lens Calculator

The Fundamentals of Illumination & Controller

  • Wavelength and Color
  • Type of lights
  • Lighting Techniques
  • Lighting Controller

System Integration & Hands-on

  • Pylon viewer
  • Trigger and Strobe wiring
  • Troubleshooting

Choose the right plan best suite your needs

  • Cost (Exclude travel expenses)
  • Class size
  • Duration
  • Deliver method
  • Audience knowledge level
  • Title
  • 5 Topics
    USD0 / pax
    • Free
    • Min. 3 pax to start
    • 60 mins
    • Onsite / Live webinar
    • General
    • Introduction to PC-based Vision System
    • Different types of vision systems
    • Comparisons and their applications
    • Why PC-based vision system
    • How to setup PC-based vision system
    • Best use case of PC-based vision system
  • Vision Training
    USD100 / pax
    • USD 100 /pax
    • Min. 3 pax to start
    • 1 full day
    • Onsite / Live webinar
    • Engineers
    • Machine Vision Training - Basic
    • Camera basic training
    • Optics basic training
    • Lighting basic training
    • Image Processing training
    • Integration with peripheral

Images from past events


Our Vision Education Program has been a great success thanks to recognition and appreciation from previous participants. We will continue to make success even better by providing the program to all our qualified customers. By learning, you will teach; By teaching, you will learn.

You can download the program outlines below. Do contact us to make your next appointment for our Vision Education Program.