#VISIONLAB is our in-house capability housing world's best machine vision components and solutions.


#VISIONLAB is our core competency which differentiates us from the rest. The sole purpose of building #VISIONLAB is to house wold’s best machine vision technologies. Here you will find components and solutions to complement your vision development, be it hardware selection on camera, lens, lighting, laser, controller; Application test such as area scan, line Scan, 3D imaging; Computer platform test such as ARM-based Jetson board to superspeed dual Xeon 24-core computer; Image processing library test such as OCR, locator, defect detection to deep learning solutions. We call it the high-tech playground for machine vision enthusiastic.

Welcome to visit us.

Manufacturers of machine vision components and solutions who wish to demonstrate your imaging capabilities in our #VISIONLAB are welcome to contact us for collaboration opportunity.