We are Team SODA – Highly Effective and Technically Capable 

13 February, 2018. Team SODA is made of experienced vision engineers, programmers and…

…passionate sales support personnel. We would like to thanks for all the supports we received. Moving forward, we will continue pushing ourselves to learn and evolve so that we can help you conquer new challenges on the road to success.

“We have received more inquiries than before on the implementation of vision technologies. I have confidence machine vision industry will grow rapidly in our region thanks to wide implementation of automation, robotics, industrial 4.0 and artificial intelligent in different vertical market.”
Chin Jack, Business Development Manager 

“Technology in machine vision industry has evolve swiftly in the past few years. Tapping on the technical know-hows accumulated throughout the years, our engineering team absorb and integrate new technologies well. We trial and test these technologies in our #VISIONLAB – some said it’s a playground for vision engineer.”
Bobby Leong, Technical Sales Manager