My 5MP Camera Is Better Than Your 5MP Camera! Here’s Why.

My 5MP Camera Is Better Than Your 5MP Camera! Here's Why.

The ON Semi MT9P031 5 Megapixel resolution camera has been Basler’s most popular model over the years. The acA2500-14gm, acA2500-14gc, acA2500-14um and acA2500-14uc have the ability to deliver performance, of any sort, for its price. Well, it is time to make a shift now.

Basler has introduced eight new Sony IMX334ROI models under the Basler ace2 family which can be offered with either “Basic” or “Pro” features. The a2A2590-22gm, a2A2590-22gc, a2A2590-60um and a2A2590-60uc give great image quality yet the price is less than the older models. They combine excellent image quality with high speeds and are therefore highly suitable for the challenging tasks of many machine vision applications, such as quality control or inspection tasks in the semiconductor industry. Comparing these two sensors (ON Semi VS Sony), we think that you will be surprised.

To obtain comparative values, we compared one of the ON Semi MT9P031 Basler ace USB 3.0 cameras (acA2500-14um) and Sony IMX334 Basler ace2 Basic camera (a2A2590-60umBAS). The test results show that to some extent there are broad disparities in the image quality.

Product Image
Sensor VendorON SemiSONY
Resolution (HxV)2592px x 1944px (5MP)2592px x 1944px (5MP)
Sensor Format1/2.51/2.8
Sensor Size5.7mm x 4.3mm5.2mm x 3.9mm
Pixel Size2.2um x 2.2um2um x 2um
Frame Rate1460
EMVA QE (typical)53%72.30%
Dark Noise (typical)6.0 e¯2.0 e¯
Dynamic Range (typical)60.6 dB69.3 dB
SNR Ratio38.1 dB38.6 dB
FOV 1 (HxV)310mm x 231mm282mm x 211mm (9% smaller)
FOV 2 (HxV)85.5mm x 64.2mm78mm x 58.8mm (9% smaller)
IO ConnectorHirose 6 pinM8 6 pin

Testing under same conditions:

During the comparison test, the same light conditions were simulated to examine how image quality behaves under these conditions. The test conditions were identical for both cameras: Each camera was equipped with a Computar M0828-MPW3 2/3″ 8mm F2.8 (C Mount) lens for the individual tests.

The aperture of the lens for both testing was set at F4, the working distance at 430mm from the tip of the lens. Exposure time were the same as well at 6500us. The field of view achieved using a2A2590-60umBAS was smaller compared to acA2500-14um.


Figure 1: Full image captured using acA2500-14um (left) and a2A2590-60umBAS (right)


Figure 2: A magnified center image of the test chart – acA2500-14um (left) and a2A2590-60umBAS (right)


Figure 3: A magnified top left corner image of the test chart – acA2500-14um (left) and a2A2590-60umBAS (right)

As per EMVA 1288 data, the SONY IMX334ROI is better than ON Semi MT9P031 in terms of quantum efficiency and dynamic range. From the testing, it is also obvious that the dark noise for SONY sensors is more desirable thus the signal to noise ratio.

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Need more than 5MP? For a better price-performance ratio, we have the 8MP cameras too, a2A3840-13gm/gc and a2A3840-45um/uc.

Now is a good time to upgrade your applications to this newer sensor technology and at the same time reducing your costs.